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Newtricity is committed to an extensive community and stakeholder consultation programme, with ongoing engagement with the community throughout the environmental approvals process.

This project website has been prepared, to provide information and project updates to all stakeholders and the wider community and to provide a platform for stakeholders to provide feedback and voice any concerns.

How do I provide feedback for the Project?

Newtricity welcome and encourage your feedback on the Project, which can be sent via our feedback form or email

We value your feedback and will endeavour to respond to your query in a timely manner.

Community Consultative Committee

In accordance with the Draft NSW Planning Guidelines: Wind Farms (December 2011) and the methods set out by the Department of Planning and Environment, a Community Consultative Committee (CCC) has been established for the Project. The purpose of the CCC is to provide an open forum for discussion between representatives of Newtricity, the community, Upper Lachlan Shire Council and other stakeholders on issues directly relating to the assessment and, if approved, the environmental performance, and operation of the wind farm. Ongoing community relations are also an important function of the Committee. Please refer to the Wind Farm CCC Charter for further details.

Interested members of the community were invited to apply to join the CCC and the Independent Chairperson and Community Participants were appointed by DP&E in June 2015. The first CCC meeting took place on Tuesday, 21 July 2015. Summary notes of the CCC meetings are available here for the interest and benefit of all and will be confirmed at the following meeting.

Community Consultative Committee Structure


Independent Chairperson

5-7 members of the local community and other stakeholders

1 representative from Upper Lachlan Shire Council

2-3 representatives of Newtricity


Consultation Activities

Consultation Activity Overview
Project Newsletters

Newsletters are published by Newtricity to update the community on the proposed Biala Wind Farm and the associated community consultation process.

Five newsletters have been distributed to date in June 2013, October 2013, February 2015, July 2015 and August 2015. The newsletters are available to view here.

Community Consultative Committee (CCC) The Biala Wind Farm CCC has now been appointed by DP&E and the first meeting was held in July 2015. Regular meetings will occur throughout the approvals process, and if approved, will continue during the construction and operational phases. Summary notes of the CCC meetings are available here.
Community Information Day

The first community information day was held in July 2013 with approximately 40 community members attending. A further community information day was held in January 2015 with approximately 35 people attending.

A third community information day was held on 18th September 2015 with approximately 25 people attending.

Issues and Responses Register

Questions and comments received as part of the consultation activities are included in the Issues and Responses Register available here.

These include questions received through the Project website and direct correspondence with the Project Team.

The Issues and Responses Register will continue to be updated as questions and comments are received.

Face to Face Meetings with local landowners Face to face meetings with local residents adjoining the wind farm site was undertaken in November 2013.
Consultation with Key State Agencies Consultation with the key government agencies including the Office of Environment and Heritage, Environmental Protection Authority, Roads and Maritime Services and local Council has occurred during the preparation of technical studies and the Environmental Impact Statement.
Consultation with Regional Aboriginal Groups and Aboriginal Land Councils Regional Aboriginal Groups and Aboriginal Land Councils were consulted as part of the cultural heritage assessment.
Contact Us

The Project team welcomes your feedback and acknowledge and respect that individuals share differing views on wind farm developments.

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