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Newtricity is a family owned Australian business backed by partners in Ireland with extensive experience in the wind farm industry. Their experience spans many projects that include the development and building of windfarms in Ireland, Scotland and the United States of America.

Newtricity underwent a restructure in June 2016. Newtricity Developments Biala Pty Ltd will now be overseeing the development of the proposed Biala windfarm. Newtricity Developments Woolbrook Pty Ltd will now be overseeing the development of the proposed Woolbrook wind farm.

The world is undergoing a once-off transition to sustainability. Wind and solar will overtake coal, oil and other fossil fuels as the world’s primary fuels for electricity generation. Wind power reduces overall greenhouse gas emissions helping reduce risks of climate change. It offers a cheap reliable alternative energy source without the risk of rising prices, black outs or dwindling resources.

A single turbine can produce enough energy to supply up to 2000 average households per year. Wind power increases local employment and investment opportunities and is currently the most cost effective renewable energy resource in Australia.

Newtricity Developments Biala Pty Ltd and Newtricity Developments Woolbrook Pty Ltd are  committed to engaging in extensive community consultation throughout each project and Community Consultative Committees and regular updates of the approvals processes form part of this endeavour. Our team consists of specialist consultants and administrators that have a primary objective to deliver innovative solutions for the implementation of sustainable, cost effective renewable energy.

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The Project team welcomes your feedback and acknowledge and respect that individuals share differing views on wind farm developments.

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